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  • Anti-inflammatory

    Proven herbal extracts and nutrients can mitigate the body's inflammatory response.
  • Antioxidants

    Environmental toxins and cigarettes also have a role. But you can stay "well-oiled"... a sleek, sporty spitfire... with antioxidants.
  • Blood Pressure

    Vitamin Research Products® offers numerous supplements that support healthy blood pressure and blood flow.
  • Blood Sugar

    If left unchecked, elevated blood sugar can lead to a cascade of chronic health issues.
  • Bone Support

    Your bones need these important nutrients to keep you strong and independent for years to come.
  • Cholesterol

    Vitamin Research Products® offers numerous supplements to help you maintain healthy cholesterol levels in your body.
  • Detoxification

    Promote detoxification of metals and other harmful substances to preserve your body's natural balance.
  • Digestive Health

    If your body doesn’t absorb food efficiently, nutrients can’t easily get where they’re needed.
  • Energy

    Your body makes ATP to give you physical energy, while brain neurotransmitters give you mental energy.
  • Hair / Skin / Nails

    These hair, skin and nails supplements help your hair and nails grow faster and stronger and give skin youth due to holistic effects... healthy benefits for your whole body.
  • Healthy Aging and Vitality

    Vitamin Research Products® offers numerous supplements that support healthy aging and vitality.
  • Heart / Cardiovascular

    The right nutrients in the right combinations can enhance circulation and protect arteries.
  • Immune Support

    The right nutrients can help support and enhance your body's natural defenses.
  • Joint / Muscle

    Lean muscle, steady energy, and fast recovery are three essentials of peak performance.
  • Memory / Cognitive Support

    Providing your brain with the right nutrients can offset some factors of age-related cognitive decline.
  • Respiratory

    Vitamin Research Products® offers numerous supplements to maintain a healthy respiratory system.
  • Stress / Mood / Sleep

    Support your body's healthy response to everyday stress with natural nutritional support. Sleep aids can offer natural, effective support for beneficial sleep cycles and restful sleep.
  • Thyroid Health

    Your thyroid gland secretes hormones to regulate many metabolic processes, like growth and energy expenditure. VRP supplements can help to regulate the function of your thyroid gland.
  • Vision

    Proactive nutritional support can keep your eyes healthy for decades to come.
  • Weight Management

    We're here to offer you practical solutions that fit into your everyday life, not more abstract numbers.
  • Women's Health

    With proper nutritional support, you'll sail smoothly through PMS, pregnancy, and menopause.
  • Men's Health

    Men, you have the soul of a champion. Men’s health supplements help you… with hormone balance, muscle mass, heart health and more!

  • Multivitamins / Multi-nutrients

    Multinutrients can pack more power for your well-being than that single capsule you’re used to for your "daily minimum requirements."