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100% Lifetime Guarantee

Money Back Lifetime Guarantee

We guarantee results. If you’re not thrilled with the health improvements you gain from any VRP® product, we’ll give you a full refund of the product price—AT ANY TIME. This LIFETIME satisfaction guarantee is rare in the supplement industry, but you deserve to make the best decisions for your health completely risk-free.

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Save With AutoShip


AutoShip is our FREE specialized service plan that saves you time and money…and keeps your good health a top priority! Here’s how…

  • Low Prices for Life!
    Lock in the super-low prices on your favorite supplements. You’ll never have to bother with coupons, sales codes or price increases again.
  • Scheduled to Fit Your Health Needs!
    Get the supplements you need on the schedule you want for complete peace of mind.
  • Simple to Use!
    You are always in charge. It’s simple to add or delete supplements, change ship dates, pause or even cancel service online or by phone.

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