VRP AutoShip

VRP’s New AutoShip is a FREE specialized service that saves you money and time!

  • Low Prices for Life!
    Lock in the super-low prices on your favorite supplements. You’ll never have to bother with coupons, sales codes or price increases again.

  • Scheduled to Fit Your Health Needs!
    Get the supplements you need on the schedule you want for complete peace of mind.

  • Simple to Use!
    You are always in charge. It’s simple to add or delete supplements, change ship dates, pause or even cancel service online or by phone.

  • Friendly Reminders!
    Our Customer Care Team will notify you by email 5 days prior to your automatic shipment date, and then again the day it processes, making it easy to keep tabs on your shipment schedule and ensure that it always fits your needs.

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How It Works

  • Set it and forget it! Pick the delivery schedule you want for the supplements you need knowing you are locking in super-low prices. You never have to wait or waste time looking for a coupon or a sale.
  • Super-low prices for life! You will never pay more for the supplements on your AutoShip service, even if prices increase. And if prices on your AutoShip service ever decrease, the new, lower price will automatically be applied!
  • Automatic shipment is available on most products in either 3-or 6-month supplies.
  • You can change your shipment dates, pause delivery, or even cancel your AutoShip service any time by phone, email or online through our website.
  • Enjoy the full benefits from each product on your AutoShip service knowing you can take them at the recommended doses and never run out.
  • Get email notifications 5 days prior to your automatic shipment date, and then again the day it processes.
  • Receive a call from a Customer Care agent if your order cannot process (for example your credit card has expired).
  • Decline any shipment by simply contacting Customer Care to arrange to have it returned at our expense.
  • Get exclusive special offers, including special discounts on new products.

Questions? Click Here to email our helpful Customer Care Team or call 1-888-362-1699 (10 AM - 7 PM ET, Monday-Saturday).